Some people love shopping while others can’t stand it. No matter what your preference, we can take shopping off your ‘to-do’ list to free you up.

We can take your shopping list and shop for you on your behalf if you would prefer not to attend or are unable to participate, or we can take you out shopping. We are flexible to your needs and wants each day.

Please contact us for further details on (03) 9484-8102 or simply fill out the ‘Get In Touch With Us’ section below to send us an email to discuss how we can help you get on top of your shopping requirements.

Get in touch with us

Omni-Care strives to maintain the quality of life, dignity and independence of people living in our community who are elderly, disabled or who have serious medical conditions.

Please note that emails are only monitored during business hours Monday to Friday.
For any urgent matters please call the main number.