Omni-Care Service

At Omni-Care we appreciate that the decision to access care services is a significant one. It is our aim to make the transition to receiving care as seamless as possible for the individual and for those who support them.


Omni-Care offers a full range of care options to suit each client’s needs. It may be assistance with tasks such as house cleaning or shopping help with high needs personal care tasks including transfers using equipment. We provide shifts as short as half an hour right through to 24 hour care.


As our client’s needs change we are able to increase the length and complexity of services and provide staff with suitable skills to meet their ongoing needs. This seamless transition reduces anxiety associated with having to change care providers at an already stressful time.


For more information about the types of service we provide click on the tabs on the left.

• Home Care

Many of us are house proud and having a clean and tidy house increases our quality of life and health and wellbeing.  Consequently when we have difficulty maintaining our regular house cleaning these factors can be affected.


Our house cleaning services are known as home care. Home care is the regular clean that most householders would do on a weekly or fortnightly basis. It includes tasks such as tidying, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, toilets and kitchens, dusting, changing and making beds, doing laundry and ironing. The length of the shift and frequency will vary depending on the size of the house and the tasks required.


The heavier duty house cleaning tasks are classified as spring cleaning. Please click on the Spring Cleaning tab on the left hand side to find out more about this service.


If you are interested in home care either as one off or an ongoing service please contact our care coordination team.


If you are

• Personal Care

Maintaining personal care standards is integral to our functioning and our health and wellbeing. It allows us to maintain our quality of life. Looking after your personal care can be quite challenging when your fitness levels are compromised.


Personal care covers the full range of assistance associated with personal hygiene and physical well being. The requirement may simply be for reassurance, to have someone nearby when showering or to assist with more difficult tasks such as drying toes and backs.


At the other end of the spectrum we can cater to higher needs by providing assistance with transferring using lifting equipment and other aids, application of condom drainage, catheter care etc. In this case a workplace assessment and preferably an assessment by an Occupational Therapist will take place prior to service starting.


If you are interested in receiving assistance with personal care tasks or would like to discuss the available options please contact our care coordination team.


• Respite Care

The purpose of respite care is to give primary carers a break from their caring responsibilities. It involves providing the client with companionship or socialisation. It can also involve home care and personal care tasks.


The respite may occur in the clients home while the primary carer goes out or alternatively the client can be taken out of the home on a social outing.


Our respite assistance can be tailored to meet the individual’s needs and is really only limited by your imagination. Let us help you to continue to enjoy the activities that matter most.


Please contact our care coordination team to discover respite care to suit your needs.

• Overnight Care

Nights can be the most difficult time for some clients and their families, particularly during periods or illness or following a hospital admission.


Overnight care involves a support worker attending to a client’s needs overnight. The shifts can either by inactive or active.


An active overnight is common for clients who experience disrupted sleep or require constant monitoring. An active shift involves the support worker remaining awake all night to attend to the client needs. The service is charged at an hourly rate.


The primary purpose of an inactive overnight is to give the client the security of someone else in the house during the night. The support worker is expected to sleep and to only need to get up once of twice during the night to assist the client. The period of an inactive overnight is 8hrs . All additional hours are considered active and are billed at an hourly rate.


If you would like to discuss overnight care in further detail please contact our care coordination team.

• 24hr Care

At Omni-Care we offer a 24 hour care service for clients who are not able to be on their own, but are not yet ready to leave their home and move into a residential care environment.


Clients requiring 24 hour care can have varying degrees of capability. The requirement may be for constant supervision and support with all activities of daily living or the requirement may be primarily for companionship.


The support may be classified as active or inactive depending on the physical assistance needed by the client, whether they sleep through the night and the other tasks required in the shift. An assessment is completed for all new 24hr clients to determine their needs, tasks to be completed in the shift etc and therefore the degree of activity.


If you would like to make enquiries about 24 hour care please contact our care coordination team.

• Spring Clean

A spring clean is a great way to get a new lease on life.  It can become increasingly difficult to keep up the big tasks associated with keeping your house clean and as a result you can become overwhelmed. For many of us a clean home helps us to feel happy and in control.


A spring clean is more than you regular weekly or fortnightly clean. It is conducted by our home maintenance team and includes the less frequent house cleaning tasks such as; oven cleans, curtain removal and washing, de-cluttering, cleaning out and washing cupboards, and steam cleaning carpets.


A spring clean is a great way to start a regular weekly or fortnightly service. Please contact or home maintenance division to find out more.

• Appointments

At Omni-Care we understand that sometimes it is the simple things that present the greatest challenges.


Appointments can be difficult to manage, some times there isn’t a friend or family member who can help and you need more than just a taxi.


We can help by providing a range of assistance with your appointment. We can help you prepare for the appointment, transport you and then come back and pick you up and drive you home and settle you back in.  We can escort you into the appointment and wait for you and then return you home.  If you need us to we can attend the appointment to assist you with remembering what you were told.


No matter how little or how much assistance you need we are here to help you. Please contact our care coordination team to discuss your appointment needs.

• Shopping

Some people love shopping and some don’t, no matter what your preference we can assist you to have a better experience.


We can take your shopping list and shop on your behalf if you would prefer not to attend or are unable to participate or we can take you out shopping if that is your preference.


Our service is conducted according to money handling policy and procedure so we can ensure that your money is secure at all times. Our staff are security checked annually and you can be confident with them conducting your shopping on your behalf.

• Meal Preparation

We know that some times it is difficult to stay motivated to eat let alone cook. We want to help you take the worry out of planning and preparing a meal.


Our support workers are able to assist with meal planning and shopping as well as preparing, assisting you where needed to cook yourself or cooking on your behalf.


We employ staff from a range of cultural backgrounds which means we can prepare meals to meet your preferences.


Contact our care coordination team to find out how we can assist you to continue to maintain your lifestyle.

• Gardening

Omni-Care offers a comprehensive range of gardening services including regular lawn mowing, weeding, general pruning, edge trimming, rubbish removal etc.


We understand how a well cared for garden makes a difference to your quality of life. We are here to ensure that your garden is cared for in the way that you would care for it.


Please contact our gardening to find out how we can assist you to maintain your garden.

• Home Maintenance

Our home maintenance team are happy to help with those small jobs around the home that you find difficult to manage.


No matter how small your job is we can help you, whether it is changing the battery in a smoke detector, changing a  lightbulb or fixing that door that sticks. We are here to help.


Contact our home maintenance team to arrange the assistance you need.

• Tradespeople

Omni-Care has a network of tradesman who can be contacted on your behalf to assist you with your electrical, plumbing and other needs.


No job is too small or too big. Contact our home and garden maintenance department to arrange a quote.